Why email your MP?

Slowing traffic down is fundamental to road safety and helps improve the livability of our streets. We call for the national default speed limit to be lowered to 20mph in urban areas and 50mph on rural roads.

Slower speeds in communities allows more people to get out and about walking and cycling without fear from fast traffic. This helps people to live much healthier lifestyles, allows communities to feel safer and more connected, and saves money for the NHS, as well as reducing the amount of traffic and CO2 emissions from driving. 20mph also can make streets safe enough for children to play outside and walk or cycle to school. And it gives drivers enough time to stop in an emergency, meaning fewer crashes and fewer lives tragically and violently lost or damaged on the roads.

Slower speeds in rural areas is also crucial, with the majority of road deaths in Britain occurring on rural roads. Most rural roads in the UK have a 60mph limit, the national default for single carriageway roads, however, such roads are often unsuitable for high speeds as they are narrow, with blind bends, and no pavements or cycle paths. A safer rural road speed will improve road safety and improve the road environment for vulnerable road users, such as cyclists, horse-riders and pedestrians.

You can help. Write to your MP and ask them to push for lower national default speed limits on urban and rural roads.

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